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I am a human with solutions. Positive Attitude and there are many yes and very few no. As you saw that this website is for solutions, you can buy a solution from me. Price is depends on the problem. Bigger problem comes with bigger price. Small problems comes with small prices.

Send me your problem free of cost, and whenever a valid solution will available, I will inform you with it's possible scope and prices. Remember, one problem at a time and one problem has one price. You need to pay per solution.


What you can send to me?

  1. Family Problem
  2. Business Problem
  3. Career Problem
  4. Lifestyle Problem
  5. Every Problem which is familiar to your everyday life...


What you can not send to me?

  1. Useless Questions.
  2. Problems, those you are not really willing to solve.
  3. Problems, those are not serious.

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